Intellectual Property in the Caribbean

ROCA provide advice to its clients in the protection of their most important intangible assets such as Intellectual Property rights in the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean region. With the mission of understanding the needs of its clients and focused on addressing and solving those needs, the IP team has experienced significant growth in recent years, which has allowed it to assist from startups to big multinational companies owners of the IP portfolios of the most famous brands in the world. Under a personalized, comprehensive and pragmatic work scheme, the ROCA IP team employs its professional skills to carry out due diligences, obtain registrations, manage and ensure the maintenance of trademarks and patents, as well as the execution of important transactions and litigation to protect customer rights, including: -Management of brand portfolios of large life sciences and biotechnology companies, ensuring the proper maintenance and protection of their brands; -Assistance to food and beverage producers and the cosmetic industry in bureaucratic and administrative processes to obtain health permits required to market their products in the country; -Advice companies in the pharmaceutical sector, as well as energy and electromechanical industries, in the application, processing and maintenance of interesting invention patents, utility models and industrial designs; -Address and develop strategies that ensure detection and action against infringement of trademarks and patents, as well as the sale of counterfeit products in the country; -Advise authors and software developers on the proper protection of their copyright, as well as the scope of the agreements that derive from their intellectual creations; -Represent clients before the administrative and judicial authorities regarding the actions and litigations that arise in relation to their IP rights; -Ensure the interests of the client are protected when signing and executing agreements and transactions relating to IP rights. With the purpose of providing support and advice to their clients in their expansion and growth projects, ROCA has a network of professionals throughout the Latin American region, which allows us to serve as strategic allies in the protection and defense of their Intellectual Property rights beyond the Caribbean.