Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

With an exceptional track record in litigation, and with more than 20 years in the Dominican market, ROCA has earned a well-deserved reputation for successfully resolving important litigation cases in various areas of the law. With a team made up of the best litigators, ROCA continuously advises and represents banks and financial intermediation entities- Scotiabank being one of our icon clients- large multinationals, local and foreign capital industries, agro industry and telecommunications companies, as well as to owners of internationally renowned brands. We have also represented several multinational funds in defense of their interests as bondholders in the international stock market. The team has significant experience in complex litigation cases ranging from bank fraud, high-tech crimes, commercial litigation between / against shareholders and corporate directors, criminal actions, to matters of asset recovery and compliance procedures, cases of civil liability, as well as real estate claims. Their remarkable practice has led them to advise on high profile and avant-garde cases, working hand in hand with our clients to identify risks and design strategies to mitigate them, according to the needs and business realities of each client. In addition to administrative processes and judicial litigation, our team has extensive experience in alternative dispute resolution, providing our clients with advice from the drafting of the contractual clauses to the mediation and arbitration processes in national and international forums.