Convinced that growth entails a greater social responsibility, day after day we invest hours and we encourage our team to actively collaborate in pro-bono cases handled by the firm. Faced with the needs of the Dominican nation with economic inequalities, we support and assist in their legal needs, the following institutions that work hard in favor of the best causes and the most vulnerable population in our country: Fundación Dominicana de Desarrollo (FDD) One of the most important non-profit entities in the Dominican Republic, composed of prestigious businessmen and dedicated to fighting poverty by incentivating the formation of microenterprises through the promotion of entrepreneurship, training and microcredit. Buckner Dominicana is the operational arm in the Dominican Republic of Buckner International, a global ministry dedicated to the transformation and restoration of the lives of children, seniors and families that live in vulnerable situations, enriching and strengthening their lives through maximizing resources, and developing leadership through Christ-centered values. One Child Matters is an international child development ministry helping to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children living in extreme poverty in the DR. True Girl is a non-profit organization that thru a series of educational events and resources creates opportunities for the development and strengthening of healthy and close mother and daughter relationships, recognizing the importance of this special connection specially thru the teen years. Pure Freedom is a non-profit organization that guides people to live under God's design for their lives, thus reducing the number of pregnancies and sexual diseases in adolescents, increasing the number of stable marriages and encouraging parent’s involvement in families. Integridad y Sabiduría, a non-profit organization in the Dominican Republic that seeks to impact contemporary society with the revelation of God through the exposition of His Truth in a clear and convincing way, through the organization of conferences, seminars, talks, audiovisual and literary resources. Iglesia Bautista Internacional, a non-profit organization that seeks to develop a church without walls, based on the sufficiency of the Scriptures and formed by disciples of intimate communion with God and among themselves, who walk in integrity of heart and with a public testimony that impacts their sphere of influence, until the glory of God covers our land.